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Sky Brazil selects Axon’s TRACS compliance recording system

AXON Digital Design has announced its first supply of its TRACS compliance recording system into Brazil. The two systems are bought by Sky Brazil, the leading subscription television service provider in Brazil.

Sky Brazil is 93-percent owned by DirecTV and 7-percent owned by Organizações Globo. In 2012, Sky Brazil reached more than 5 million subscribers, ranking as second in number of subscribers in Brazil. Currently, Sky Brazil has 39 channels in HDTV in total

For Sky Brazil, a key feature of TRACS2 is live stream forwarding, which enables the user to create a unicast or multicast (depending on system settings) of a live video stream over a local area network. All computers on the network can hook up to this video and audio stream without needing the TRACS client application and without using up additional bandwidth per individual live view.

“Compliance recording is a legal requirement in Brazil, and we evaluated many systems before selecting Axon’s TRACS2,” commented Claudio Silva, Project Manager, at Sky. “With TRACS2 being used to record many hundreds of TV channels worldwide, we believe that it is the natural choice, plus the great local support provided by Line Up makes the decision even easier to make.”