SGL and Aspera Combine for Cloud-Based Storage

LAS VEGAS – SGL, an England-based archive and storage management company, has announced integration with Aspera, a Calif.-based high-speed file transfer provider, for media transfer to a private or commercial cloud with added space and disaster recovery workflows.

Using the latest version of SGL’s FlashNet archive solution and Aspera’s transport technology that transfers data at maximum speed with no theoretical limit, this integration allows users to quickly and easily transfer to the cloud from their own MAM system.

FlashNet offers fully automated data duplication across multiple storage layers and locations and allows operators to create additional rules to send material directly to the cloud. FlashNet archive has the ability to track and record material’s location at any time, regardless of storage method.

“Using the cloud for disaster recovery purposes provides a secure and cost-effective place for material that’s not only likely to be restored in the event of a catastrophic failure,” said Douglas Wynn, SGL’s VP Sales Americas.