Riedel Marks 10 Years in U.S.

Riedel Communications marked the 10th anniversary of its U.S. branch with an NAB Show press conference that introduced new video processing features to its MediorNet intercom systems.

The system software is capable of processing 3G/SD/HD-SDI video, audio intercom and data. The MediorNet MN-HDP-6-IO media card works with HD and SD video outputs at the same time.

Riedel also introduced its Smart Rack accessories series, which offers solutions to issues that arise in fiber installation. One such module allows transmission of RF signals ranging from 10 MHz to 1,000 MHz with ± 1 dB flatness over any distance.

The company also introduced its Riedel Pure line of tactical fiber cable fitted with Neutrik opticalCon Quad or Dual connectors. The cables come in diameters of 5.7 mm (Riedel Pure CS SM4) and 9 mm (Riedel Pure XT SM4).

Riedel also introduced audio and video hybrid cards for their existing Artist intercom system, which lets users send audio and video over an Ethernet connection in the IEEE Audio/Video Bridging standard.

The company also announced the addition of iconic displays to its 1100 series intercom panels, allowing visual representation of inputs and outputs as well as traditional text labeling.