PRG Opens New Chicago Digital Studio

PRG Chicago digital studio
(Image credit: PRG)

MCCOOK, Ill.—Production Resource Group has opened a new digital studio in the McCook area of Chicago, which can be used to create pre-recorded or live content like commercial shoots, corporate presentations and musical events, all while adhering to COVID guidelines.

This is the latest digital studio from PRG, which has a network of similar spaces in Los Angeles, Las Vegas, Nashville, New York and Orlando.

The Chicago digital studio is more than 3,000 square feet with a 45x33-foot stage. It offers PRG proprietary services, including PRG Enhanced Environments, which is comprised of LED screens to create natural-looking backgrounds and lighting reflections on the set; Ncam for in-camera previsualization and real-time camera tracking; and a 35LIVE! mulicamera production technology.

The studio space also has flexible LED ceiling panels, floors and walls to accommodate large set pieces. Close to PRG’s Chicago camera prep facility, PRG can provide cameras, lenses and other services to the space.

“We believe PRG’s studio, with its enhanced environment capabilities is a great resource for Chicago’s advertising industry as they explore new ways to shoot ads quickly and cost effectively,” said Eric Hansen, vice president, Sales, for PRG.

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