Orad Marks 20th Anniversary

KFAR SABA, ISRAEL—Orad Hi-Tec Systems has reached its 20th anniversary. During its two-decade existence, the company has developed, offering state-of-the-art graphics, media asset management and video servers. The company’s technology has been used in sports production including four Olympics, and its enhancement solutions have won multiple Emmy Awards.

“When we founded Orad 20 years ago, we wanted to create a company that would be a bit different. Over the past two decades, we have seen our vision come to fruit,” CEO and founder Avi Sharir told employees at the company’s celebration. “Throughout the years, Orad has earned recognition from the world’s largest TV networks.”

Sharir added that the company currently employs 250 people, 130 of whom live in Israel, and he says about a third of Orad employees are focused on new product development.

To learn more about the company's history, watch their 20th anniversary video.