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New Service to Help Retailers Market Cable HD

CableLabs has expanded its Go2Broadband service locator to help CE retailers sell HDTV devices. The G2B HD service locator will identify the markets in which HD content and/or digital services are carried as well as the service tiers on which they are carried.

G2B began as a high-speed data locator that, for cable, will facilitate order placement for the consumer and assist with serviceability checks and orders for a variety of services including SDTV and VOD. Comcast, Cox and Time Warner are planning G2B HDTV field trials within the next several months. The MSO's will work in their respective service markets with different vendors and retailers to sell HD sets and services .

By adding HDTV availability to the G2B service locator, consumers will have additional information with which to make HDTV transactions, including buying advanced TV sets and subscribing to cable HD service packages.

"Go2Broadband offers a great tool by disseminating important service offering data for cable companies across the country," said CableLabs President and CEO Dr. Richard Green. "In 2002, about 10.5 million people went to Go2Broadband sites ... primarily seeking availability of high-speed data.