NAB Show Adds Telecom Access Networks Event

With 3DTV, continued growth of IPTV, and new MPEG standards, broadcast technology continues to advance to meet new customer requirements. But what about the network that carries this high bandwidth traffic? Will it be able to keep up?

For 2011, the NAB Show is expanding its focus to encompass ever more facets of today’s communications world. Telecom Access Networks will investigate the communications technologies that carry video and broadband traffic, including the latest developments in copper and fiber transport, such as DSL and PON.

Looking at the economics and engineering behind these standards, the event will examine how telecom providers are building networks that can meet the bandwidth challenges presented by video content.

Video and broadband are bringing new ways of doing business, not just new methods of delivering content to consumers. Unlike old telephone standards, many of the technologies behind Telecom Access Networks are being developed globally, with many of the same optical systems being deployed in Europe, Asia, Africa, and North America. While the spoken languages may differ, the underlying technologies are similar.

Networking suppliers that once focused on country are now focused on the entire world, seeking out international standards that allow them to produce higher volumes and therefore sell at lower cost. Telecom Access Networks will bring together this global community of telecom technologists and content distributors.