NAB 2014: Lighting & Batteries

Photon Beard’s Platinum Blonde

LAS VEGAS—While lighting equipment makers continue to provide LED fixtures to replace energy-hungry legacy lighting gear, there are some fresh introductions of older technology fixtures with new features.

ARRI will introduce its M8, the latest and smallest lighting fixture in the company’s M-Series of HMI lamp heads. It features MAX Technology, a unique reflector design that combines the advantages of Fresnel and PAR fixtures.

BBS LIGHTING will show their AREA 48 LED Light system with interchangeable phosphor technology for HD. The AREA 48 offers ultra high 97 CRI in 3200K and 95 CRI in 5600K while eliminating LED color accuracy issues.

CINEO will debut the Maverick, a portable member of the company’s TruColor family. It provides all of the benefits of remote phosphor technology found in the TruColor HS and LS, while better meeting the demands of field use. Also look for Cineo’s Foton2 LED lighting systems, small, PAR-style LED fixtures with 2,000 lumen output in tungsten and daylight color temperatures.

Litepanels Hilio LED light

FREZZI will showcase its HyLight and Sky- Light Luminaires, each delivering impressive amounts of daylight-balanced light for TV indoor/outdoor newsgathering and field production. The portable LED fixtures are powered by standard broadcast batteries, DC or AC power.

K5600 will debut its 800W Zoom Beamer, a smaller version of its 1600W Zoom Beamer with a facetted open-face reflector. It’s manually focusable from 10 to 50 degrees. Also look for K5600’s new 200 Watt lamps in both 3200 K and 5600 K color temperatures.

KINO FLO will debut the Celeb 400 DMX soft light, which doubles the output of the company’s Celeb 200 DMX fixtures and has the same high-end control features: variable color temperature (2700K- 5500K), color presets, and full-range dimming on AC and DC power. The company will also debut a new generation of power factor and universal voltage 4Bank, double, single portable systems and the new Image 87X and Image 47X luminaires (3K light/2.4 amps and 1.5K light/1.2 amps.

Kino Flo Celeb 400 DMXLITEPANELS will introduce a pair of nine-inch Fresnel LED lighting fixtures, the daylight balance Sola 9 and the tungsten balance Inca 9. Both provide full spectrum light and offer zero to 100 percent dimming with no noticeable color shift. They are flicker-free at any frame rate and/or shutter angle. Also new from the company are the Hilio D12 (daylight balanced) and Hilio F12 high output panels.

LOWEL-LIGHT will premier a pair of new lighting systems for location production, The Lowel PRO Power LED, and Lowel Prime Location LED. The PRO Power LED is a compact focusing light available in tungsten or daylight colors with a high output and a wide focus range. The Prime Location LED is a 1 x 1 location panel in rugged housing, with a high IP rating. It features AC or DC operation and is available in daylight, tungsten, or bicolor models.

MATTHEWS STUDIO EQUIPMENT will take the wraps off its Minivator II heavy-duty light stands. These are a stronger and taller version of MSE’s Minivator stand.

PHOTON BEARD will present its Square One fluorescent lighting fixture, featuring eight 12-inch long T5 fluorescent tubes that deliver light with none of the spectral limitations typically associated with similar LED-based fixtures. Also new is the Platinum Blonde, a 1200 Watt HMI linear lamp in an open face format supplied complete with ballast.

VIDESSENCE will showcase its line of high performance, energy efficient, LED and fluorescent lighting fixtures and kits for film and TV, including new LED options for the company’s “SOFT” line of architectural lighting products, targeting corporate video conferencing and distance learning in architectural spaces.

Battery makers continue to innovate to deliver the high power output required for digital cinematographer cameras.

PAG’s L96e

ANTON/BAUER will debut its Digital Battery Series, which it calls the first battery designed for the digital age. Noting that as cameras and technology have evolved, so have their power use profiles, the Digital Battery Series provides the power standard for the new generation of cameras and auxiliary equipment, delivering world-class levels of safety, performance, reliability and support. Also new from A/B is its Power- Charger Series, featuring a new, efficient charging algorithm for multi-chemistry, simultaneous charging.

BLOCKBATTERY will unveil its Series S, a switchable voltage battery designed for power-hungry cinematic camera rigs. The Series S provides nominal outputs at 28.8 or 14.4 Volts at up to 15 Amps in either voltage, and can run ARRI Alexa rigs for as long as eight hours. The company will also show its Series D, a dual-voltage battery designed for cinematic or lighting production applications.

PAG (in the Manios Digital and Film booth) will showcase its PAG L96, a 96 watt-hour, 14.8 Volt 6.5 Ah, Li-ion battery that has a maximum continuous output current rated at 8 Amps. It was designed as a replacement for the Anton/Bauer Dionic 90 and is compatible with cameras that incorporate the Anton/Bauer battery mount. The PAG L96e version incorporates a five-LED indicator.