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MultiDyne’s Bob McAlpine Retires

Bob McAlpine
Bob McAlpine (Image credit: MultiDyne)

HAUPPAUGE, N.Y.—Bob McAlpine is heading to retirement, as MultiDyne announced on Jan. 18 that McAlpine has stepped down as the company’s chief operating officer, effective immediately.

Though stepping down from a full-time position with MultiDyne, the company says that McAlpine will join its newly formed Board of Directors and continue to consult for the company.

McAlpine joined MultiDyne as its COO in September 2019 following the acquisition of Census Digital. McAlpine helped facilitate the deal as president of Black Pearl Management Group, which he founded in 2018. 

Despite retiring, McAlpine will continue to operate Black Pearl Management Group, advising companies on mergers, acquisitions and global growth strategies; though as the release says, on his time.

McAlpine’s career in broadcast spanned 46 years, working in operations and engineering roles before transitioning to the supplier side. Previous positions in his career included PESA, QuStream, an earlier role with MultiDyne, Telecast Fiber Systems and Cobalt Digital, where he became CEO in 2016.

“Bob was a friend to MultiDyne and a mentor to me well before he first joined the company in 2007,” said Frank Jachetta, CEO, MultiDyne. “He has continued to be a mentor to everyone at MultiDyne since returning, and his contributions have been essential to our evolution as a company. He will continue to play an active and important role in our evolution, including some key growth initiatives that we expect to announce later this year.”

“My time at MultiDyne as COO was without question my final full-time position, and now I have the opportunity to spend more time with family while remaining active in the industry on my terms,” said McAlpine. “Very few completely detach from the broadcast industry after spending decades within it. I look forward to working with MultiDyne in a limited capacity, and helping other companies in the industry grow and prosper.”