MTI Film restores "I love Lucy" with CBS Digital

MTI Film will supply a CORRECT digital mastering system for the restoration support of 180 "I Love Lucy" episodes for CBS Digital.

CORRECT is a resolution independent, cross platform software bundle for Intel-based and SGI workstations. CORRECT comes complete with MTI’s intregrated CONTROL VTR emulator for capture of video and audio at all supported broadcast video standards (NTSC, PAL, and HD). It supports interlaced and progressive frame rates (23.98, 24, 25 and 30 fps) and supports the management of the captured material.

With CORRECT, users can detect and remove dirt, blemishes, chemical stains and persistent vertical scratches. Preset parameters enable automated processing with little or no operator intervention using the AutoFilter mode. Users can automatically remove dirt and dust artifacts from full frames areas or areas defined by an operator specified mask.

CORRECT also detects and repairs intermittent interruptions in 3:2 cadence of film-originated video. The software produces consistent 3:2 cadence by repairing video selects for elements from 24-frame film and has tools for audio pitch correction and re-sampling.

CBS Digital will restore the episodes for "I Love Lucy's" 50th Anniversary DVD.

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