Motive Television Reaches Agreement with MTN

LONDON – Motive Television has announced that it has come to terms with Maritime Telecommunications Network Satellite Communications, based in Miramar, Fla., on a Memorandum of Understanding that will see Motive provide its BYOD TV technology and engineering support to MTN to develop new services for MTN’s clients.

MTN, who was recently acquired by EMC, provides communications and content services to the maritime industry, including end user products, enterprise and technical solutions, network management and bandwidth optimization.

Motive’s BYOD TV offers passengers and crew in maritime environments access to video-on-demand movies and television without direct access to the Internet or broadcast signals.

According to the MOU, Motive will tweak BYOD so MTN can make a demonstration to its customers at a September trade exhibition. After that, MTN can decide whether or not to move forward with BYOD TV. If they do move forward, Motive will complete a marketing agreement with MTN where MTN is licensed to market and offer BYOD services to its clients and customers.

Motive is a technology provider for broadcasters and pay-TV operators based in London.