Modulus Video Unveils VODxchange Realtime HD & SD MPEG-4 AVC Encoder

Modulus Video, Inc., unveiled its new VODxchange system, providing a complete, realtime MPEG-4 AVC encoding solution for both SD and HD designed to meet the growing demand for video on demand (VOD) movies and local content delivered over IPTV networks. The new system is already in use by leading content providers who are beginning to encode the first MPEG-4 AVC content for VOD. VODxchange is an easy to use realtime system that is designed to convert content from virtually any video format and encode it into MPEG-4 AVC while ensuring the highest video quality.

Modulus Video has been working with ViewNow, a leading IPTV/VOD content aggregator that licenses, encodes and distributes major Hollywood Studio content, to enable the first MPEG-4 AVC based VOD for IPTV networks.

Larry Holeman, president of ViewNow said, “ViewNow’s mission is two-fold. Our customers want a full package of Video-on- Demand capability so they can deliver first-rate, high quality studio content and take maximum advantage of the exciting IPTV market opportunity. Our studio partners also expect us to maintain the highest standards of quality for which they are known. We are working together with Modulus Video to help them bring a robust MPEG-4 AVC solution to the marketplace”.

VODxchange is built on the industry-leading Modulus Video ME2000 Series Multi-Format AVC Encoder to offer exceptional visual quality at bit rates specifically optimized for IP networks. This second-generation encoder platform is already deployed by leading IPTV operators and includes advanced features like bandwidth optimizing Constrained Fidelity-Constant Bit Rate (CF-CBR) mode, digital program insertion triggers and integrated low-resolution stream output. VODxchange provides everything needed to prepare material for VOD play out, including Modulus Video’s MPEG-4AVC encoder, video file transcoding, VTR control, quality control and monitoring and an integrated RAID storage subsystem.

VODxchange ingests digital and analog video content and transcodes a wide range of file formats to create ready-to-deliver MPEG-4 AVC files for on-demand services or immediate play out. VODxchange offers realtime high definition (HD), standard definition (SD), and low-resolution compression options to support distribution to the widest range of service types, including set top boxes, mobile devices and the Internet.

This realtime workflow of VODxchange offers significant productivity enhancement over off-line, software-based tools, enabling content providers to more effectively meet increasing demand. The system also provides a realtime monitoring and quality control tool to ensure that content is created with the highest visual quality and standards compliance.

“Everyone in the distribution chain, from the Hollywood studios to the end consumers, agrees that video image quality is critically important to the success of IPTV,” said Bob Wilson, CEO and Chairman of Modulus Video. “Modulus Video MPEG-4 AVC encoders have been deployed in IPTV networks worldwide precisely because they deliver the best quality video at the lowest bit rates. It therefore makes sense that Modulus Video is engaging with major studios and content providers to reach the full potential of video-on-demand over IPTV networks”.

VODxchange provides IPTV operators with a practical answer to the question of how to efficiently and cost-effectively insert locally produced content such as news, sports, entertainment, education, government and advertising, into their standard definition (SD) and high definition (HD) play out streams. The system delivers a complete workflow with all the tools needed to go from ingest to the distribution server in real-time, even at HD resolutions, for immediate play out or video-on-demand storage.

VODxchange is expected to ship during Q4 2006. For more information about the Modulus Video VODxchange system, including video and audio input/output details, video formats, file formats and more, as well as other Modulus Video MPEG-4 AVC encoding products, visit