Miranda Imagestore Intuition at NAB2006

Miranda Technologies Inc. will be highlighting at NAB2006 a more powerful version of its HD/SD Imagestore Intuition channel branding processor which features multistream video/audio clip playout, and a more advanced character generator for high quality display of Latin and non-Latin based text, including Arabic, Japanese, Punjabi, Urdu, Hindi, Chinese scripts, Hebrew, Thai, Korean, Greek, and Russian.

These new graphics capabilities can be combined with almost unlimited animation playout to provide high-impact promotional and branding graphics. Engaging graphics are easily prepared and controlled using advanced templates with embedded control. This allows a graphics team to maintain full control over the look of a channel, without having to worry about complex schedules, secondary events, and the limits of their automation system. Full manual control is also available with the PresStation master control and channel branding panel.

The new multistream, video/audio clip playout can output full-frame or partial frame clips simultaneously, and this is ideal for junction graphics with upcoming program previews and moving character generator backgrounds. The clip capability can also be used for interstitials, emergency material, and commercials. The clips play with eight-channel audio (six channels with SD version), which can feed the audio mixer of an associated Imagestore HDTV/300 processor.

The enhanced character generation is provided by an international character rendering engine, which allows the display of Latin and non-Latin text within templates. Fully compliant with Unicode fonts, the Imagestore Intuition has the ability to display text in multiple languages simultaneously. The intelligent software engine takes care of all the contextual shaping and ligatures used in languages like Arabic.

The character generator offers the user a wide variety of visual text effects, including outlines, drop shadows, and gradient fills, together with the ability to render text left to right, right to left, and vertically. Text can be transitioned onto the screen with eye-catching transitions like fades, slides, and wipes.

The character generator can be fed by station automation or by specialist graphics automation for versatile interfacing with multiple data sources, including databases, streaming web data, and proprietary data feeds with information such as sports and weather.

Imagestore Intuition's software suite has also been redesigned to speed workflow from graphics preparation to proofing and playout.