Lenox Softworks Script-Q Version 3 Released

Lenox Softworks announced the release of an updated version of its popular cross-platform Script-Q teleprompting software.

Script-Q 3.0 has been enhanced with a multitude of new features and functions. Several of these improvements have come as a direct result of user feedback.

Significant Script-Q Version 3 enhancements include:

  • Dual monitor support with assignable horizontal and vertical mirroring
  • Full or partial screen mode
  • Configurable shortcut controls
  • Automatic color designation for speakers using search and replace feature
  • Pacing timer and end of script indicator
  • Adjustable acceleration control (begins scrolling script more gradually)
  • Unicode friendly (compatible with most foreign language characters)
  • Saves attributes and settings from previous sessions
  • User defined custom color palette for background, cue, and multiple cue choices
  • Auto adjusts screen resolution for optimum performance
  • Free online and telephone help
  • Bold, italic, underline, center, left or right justify any section of text
  • Copy and paste supported formats directly from Microsoft Word
  • Built for use with a standard scroll mouse
  • Compatible with USB wireless controllers

Script-Q has many applications, such as radio and television production, business/government presentations, and videoconferencing. Church choirs have also found great success utilizing the Script-Q software to help parishioners follow along with songs and hymns. Another teleprompter growth area has been pod casting where new age communicators are serving up web-delivered audio and video content with custom narration supported by Script-Q.

Script-Q Version 3 comes in two different versions: the Basic ($125) and the Advanced ($225). The advanced version offers dual monitor support and user customizable shortcut controls.