IBC2014 New Product Line-up, J-S

AMSTERDAMTV Technology continues to sort through IBC press releases for new technology and product introductions. No updates, demos or highlights are included here for the sake of information manageability, but select ones have been published separately. We apologize to anyone who is left out, and welcome feedback from show-goers on cool stuff and interesting observations. Vendors with names beginning with “J” through “S” are below. Here are A, B, C, D, E and F through I.

Joseph Electronics Debuts DFT-12
The DFT-12 EXP and DFT-12JR (left) fiber transport systems require 2 RU, each with 12 paths of 3G/HD-SDI and ASI signals over one or two fibers. Additionally, modules for AES or analog audio, MADI, 1 Gb Ethernet, RTS intercom, POV interface (genlock and video), or data can be fitted into the four available expansion slots to provide a complete signal transport solution for remote announce booths or split feeds. More modules are in development.

Jünger Audio Launches D*AP8 Codec Edition
Jünger Audio brought out a new Codec Edition of its D*AP8 Digital Audio Processor.

Kaltura Introduces Its OTT Platform
Kaltura launched Kaltura OTT TV, its next-generation, end-to-end pay OTT TV solution.

Leader Introduces LT4600 Test Instrument
Leader Instruments introduced the new LT4600 multiformat video generator, at right. Developed from the established LT4400 HD-SDI and SD-SDI generator, the LT4600 adds compatibility with 3G-SDI and dual link systems. A lip-sync testing function, optional in the earlier model, is included as standard in the LT4600.

Lynx Technik
Lynx Technik AG launched its new Testor lite 3G, pictured left, a cost-effective, compact, hand held touch-screen multi-format test signal generator to the European market; new yellobrik 4K Transmission Set, and the new DolbyE to Dolby Digital/Dolby Digital Plus Transcoder with integrated SDI frame synchronizer.

Maxon Releases Cinema 4DR16
Maxon’s Cinema 4DR16 made its European debut. Cinema 4DR16 is 3D modeling, painting, animation and rendering software.

Mog Technologies Rolls Out Module Mobile Studio
Mog presented its new modular and mobile studio solution. Based on mxfSpeedrail Xpress, the modular mobile studio platform allows the choice between capture, playback, file conversion and transcoding services, all within a 1 RU system.

Nevion Launches Sublime X² Router
Nevion, is launching Sublime X², a 2RU 32x32 3G-SDI compatible compact router with built-in controller offering Web interface, SNMP support, and support for all Nevion control panels. Hardware options include redundant controller, redundant cross-point, quad-core signal processor and AES I/O module. The router’s substantial software-based component enables functionality enhancements to be provided through licensed software upgrades.

NOA Innovations Introduces MediArc, VideoScanner and JobDB
NOA Innovations introduced MediArc for Web, which allows users to access archival content for a large user base; the new VideoScanner, which decodes a list of dedicated production formats to a lossless compressed mezzanine format, and the JobDB that now be enhanced with the ingestLINE module FrameLector, and the actLINE modules VideoFileAnalyser, mediaButler, and VideoScanner.

NTP Technology Debuts Eucon 3.1 Controller
NTP Technology is introducing Eucon 3.1 control for the DAD AX32 AD/DA converter, pictured below right, for up to 48 microphone feeds connected back to the control room along a single Cat 5 cable via fully transparent and uncompressed IP Ethernet.

Nugen Audio Unveils Loudness Management Technology
Nugen’s DynApt dynamic adaptation technology for loudness-compliant audio repurposing is now available as an extension for Nugen Audio’s Loudness Management Batch Processor.

Pebble Beach Systems Rolls Out Web Client Tool Suite
Pebble Beach Systems’ new suite of Web Client tools include monitoring of a single playlist, up to “highly granular” remote control of multiple Marina automation systems and Dolphin integrated channel devices across separate geographic locations. Pebble Beach also debuted its Marina Lite automation for up to four channels at IBC.

Pixel Power Launches Buzz Social Media Software
Pixel Power is launching Buzz, a software accessory for Pixel Power’s range of graphics-based playout devices that simplifies scanning, moderating and broadcasting social media interactions.

PlayBox Technology Introduces CaptureBox PRO and More
CaptureBox PRO allows multiple channels of HD or SD content to be captured from SDI digital feeds, analog sources and MPEG transport streams. ProductionAirBox provides content playout for news, live broadcasts, virtual-studio screens, and video walls. SocialMediaBox incorporates comments from multiple social networking feeds into a single ready-for-broadcast stream.

Quantel Launches LiveTouch and Fileflow 2
LiveTouch is a scalable studio highlights system comprising a new server, a new software client, a new panel and new middleware that links clients with content across a server cluster. Fileflow 2 enables IT integration and a faster workflow to Enterprise sQ file i/o. Genetic Engineering 2, Quantel’s shared storage for post, is making its European debut at IBC.

Quantum Unveils StorNext Pro Workgroup
Quantum Corp. unveiled StorNext Pro Workgroup, a new content workflow solution that supports ingest, production, review and delivery along with different options for peta-scale content storage and access at any stage of the workflow. When combines with Quantum’s Lattus object storage-based system, users can extend online collaborations by shifting non-real-time workflow operations to Lattus.

Riedel Announces New Tango
Riedel Communications announced the release of Tango TNG-200, the company's first fully networked platform based on the AES67 and AVB standards.

Rohde & Schwarz Debut Prios Video Board
R&S Prios retains full RGB 10-bit color depth even for 4K at 120 fps. For 4K at 60 fps it can also output RGB 4:4:4 with 12 bits per color component, so even finer color graduations can be displayed.

Ross Video’s Acuity Debuts in Europe; XPression Maps Introduced
Ross announced its new large production switcher line, Acuity, is debuting in Europe. Ross also introduced Xpression Maps, right, built in partnership with Austrian company, ARTS Computer Technologies GmbH. XPression Maps can be configured as a fully featured desktop application for designers, or as a central server for templated maps creation from newsroom client plug-ins. XPression Maps is powered by Microsoft Bing Maps.

Schneider Optics Debuts Adapter and iPro Lenses for New Devices
Schneider Options is introducing a wide-angel adapter for the Fujinon Cambrio lens. This non-zoom-through wide-angle adapter makes any zoom lens that has a 114mm barrel diameter and a macro adjustment around 30 percent wider. New iPro lenses were rolled out for the Galaxy S and 4, the iPad Mini and the iPad Air.

Shotoku Introduces SmartTrack System
Shotoku’s new SmartTrack systemis a fully integrated product based on the core track-based technology of MAT, Germany. In combination with Shotoku pan-and-tilt heads and control systems, the MAT system becomes a TV studio setup. It supports floor or ceiling operation and a range of height column configurations, in both upright and inverted modes.

SintecMedia Euro Debuts OnAir 4
Making its European debut, the SintecMedia OnAir 4 is a new version of the company’s platform for end-to-end broadcast management. OnAir 4 manages ad sales, traffic, programming, scheduling, promotions, and rights management.

Snell Brings Out xStream and Browser Interfaces
The xStream platform to provide real-time processing in the IP production environment. XStream is a software-based media processing engine for making the transition to IP production without losing continuity with existing workflows. The first product to be offered on the xStream platform will be Quasar XS. Snell also introduced new Web-based interfaces and apps for the Morpheus automation, ICE channel-in-a-box, and Momentum media asset management systems.

Sonnet Brings a New Thunderbolt Pro P2 Card Reader
Thunderbolt Pro P2 Card Reader is based on 10 Gbps Thunderbolt technology and has the ability to ingest footage from individual P2 memory cards at up to 70 MBps. The Thunderbolt Pro P2 is bus-powered and connects directly to any Mac computer with a Thunderbolt port, or at the end of a Thunderbolt device chain with an included Thunderbolt cable. The device supports all P2 memory cards and frame rates at maximum speed, and also reads micro P2 cards with an optional adapter.

Sound Devices Debuts Video Devices
Video Devices, video products by Sound Devices, made their IBC debut this year. Since Sound Devices introduced its first video products, the camera-mounted PIX 240i and PIX 220i, the company has expanded with a range of rack-mounted, network-connected video recorders, including the new PIX 270i and PIX 250i. The company will brand all current video-related products as well as all future products as Video Devices.

Studio Technologies Rolls Out Dante-enabled Announcer Consoles
Studio Technologies introduced the Dante-enabled Model 214, 215 and 216 Announcer’s Consoles, targeted at live broadcast, stadium, corporate and production facilities.