IBC2014: Grass Valley Demos SDN-Enabled Control

MONTREAL — Grass Valley, at IBC for the first time as a Belden Brand, will feature a series of IP-enabled solutions at its booth.

A technology demonstration of Grass Valley’s nonproprietary software defined networks–based solution for managing an IP network is serving as the cornerstone of Grass Valley’s IP display. Grass said the SDN-enabled control application is the key to establishing a familiar, broadcast-centric control environment that supports a hybrid workflow, controlling both serial digital interface and IP simultaneously, and builds a bridge to the future.

“The SDN-enabled system is the foundation of our unique approach and design of a control system for broadcasters to make the transition to IP. It enables them to use available third-party routers and switches and a control architecture they’re already familiar with,” said Mike Cronk, senior vice president of strategic marketing for Grass Valley. “This flexible platform will evolve into our integrated configuration and control system for future-proof performance, expansion and reliability as customers embrace IP.”

With Grass Valley’s SDN-based control application, broadcasters will be able to control SDI and IP routing using the same common control panel surface already in their facility. Unlike many options on the market, Grass Valley’s SDN-based solution will support the use of third-party IT routers and switches and provides a reliable means for switching video and audio in the IP realm alongside standard SDI using a new integrated router configuration and control system. Grass Valley’s SDN-enabled solution is designed to function in both production and playout applications.

In addition to the technology demonstration of its SDN-based application, Grass Valley’s other IP-enabled products making their European debut at IBC 2014 include current modular and router products like the NVISON 8500 IP Gateway and the IRG 3401 IP Gateway module for Densité.

The Nvision8500 IP Gateway converts and packetizes real-time, uncompressed, baseband video using SMPTE 2022-6 for transport over 10 GbE Ethernet networks. Once SDI signals are packetized, they can be distributed rack-to-rack, truck-to-truck, between floors of a facility and even between buildings or campuses, over IP networks. All signals support frame-accurate switching for use in live production environments. The IRG-3401 IP Gateway is a high-density, bidirectional DVB-ASI/IP gateway card, which runs on the Densité modular platform. The IRG-3401 IP Gateway card makes it possible for broadcasters to keep incoming DVB-ASI signals from remote locations fully operational—and jitter-free—while connecting them to IP networks.

Other solutions in Grass Valley’s IP portfolio include: IRD-3802/3811 MPEG decoders, SME-1901/11 streaming media encoders; Axino-400 IP transport stream loudness processor and the Kaleido IP series of multiviewers.