Globecast Launches Media Centre in Los Angeles

Globecast Media Centre's control room

LOS ANGELES—Globecast announced the launch of its Los Angeles Media Centre, offering broadcasters and content providers a converged workflow to prepare, deliver and playout content to any kind of distribution platform. The new Media Centre adds to the company's facilities in London and Singapore, providing a one-stop-shop for media management, playout, satellite and OTT distribution.

The new facility, which has been upgraded to include Globecast’s Media Factory for content logistics and converged workflow, brings broadcast and OTT solutions together under one roof, making it more efficient to handle both linear broadcast and on-demand services.

Globecast’s Media Factory replaces multiple operations with a single, process that handles everything from VoD preparation and content formatting to creative services, quality control and compliance. The Media Factory approach allows Globecast to pass on economies of scale to customers who also benefit from the greater flexibility and the ability to scale up and down as required. The LA Media Centre features state-of-the art technology from leading providers to create an integrated broadcast facility.

Globecast’s managing director in the U.S., Eddie Ferraro, said, “In this constantly shifting media landscape, cost-efficiency and time-to-market are key to a successful business model. Broadcasters today have to cover traditional linear playout as well as VoD and catch-up services across multiple platforms in order to reach their viewers. Our new Media Centre enables them to do exactly this from right here in the heart of LA.”