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Game Creek Video Calls in Bittree for Camera Patching

GLENDALDE, CALIF. – Like a manager calling in his closer to come and save the baseball game, Game Creek Video has tapped Bittree and its CVP0115 mini triax patchbays to help ensure smooth camera patchwork for mobile productions. Installed in Game Creek’s production trucks, the CVP0115 patch panels allow video operators to make camera patches without leaving the truck.

The CVP0115 mini triax patchbays feature 2x24 positions in only 2RU, using high-bandwidth 3 GHz jacks for current HD camera systems. Each position is straight-through, non-normalling and non-terminating at 75 Ω with low return loss. Jacks feature gold-plated center pins and inner-shield contacts with two isolated copper braids for excellent EMI/RF shielding. Custom configurations are available.

Known for providing HD and SD mobile production facilities for sports broadcasting, the New Hampshire-based Game Creek Video now uses Bittree’s CVP0115 in 96 percent of its trucks.