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EVS Spotted in Canada

EVS Broadcast Equipment, the leader in slow-motion playback devices for sports production, has opened a new office in Montreal to answer increasing demand for EVS services in Canada.

“Canadian broadcasters and production companies have always been an important part of EVS’ user base, and our relationship with these partners has increased exponentially over the past few years,” said Fred Garroy, General Manager of EVS Americas. “We knew we needed to address this growth by providing our Canadian partners with a more local option for training, demos, and technical support issues.”

Carl Boislard-Lanois, formerly of CBC Radio-Canada, will be the first member of the EVS Canada team, and will be serving as senior manager of products and systems integration.

Integration with third-party tools has become a key component of EVS equipment lately, especially with news regarding the XT[2] server’s native support of new HD codecs. Boislard-Lanois has worked extensively with post-production tools from both companies, especially during his past few years as chief technician of post production at CBC Radio-Canada in Montreal.

EVS said opening the new location is essential in light of the upcoming 2008 Olympics in Beijing and the Winter Games in Vancouver, British Columbia, in 2010.