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At IBC2002, TANDBERG Television and Irdeto Access will launch Earlybird, an end-to-end system designed to provide a complete solution from content encoding through to the set top box. The Earlybird system is made up of several TANDBERG and Irdeto products.

TANDBERG'S E5710 SD encoder

There are three major components included in the Earlybird package.

1. Compression, modulation and multiplexing

TANDBERG Television’s MPEG-2 encoding solution, the E5710 has a compact 1U size. Its low-bit rate performance is designed to make it an ideal component in multi-channel solutions for broadband, satellite, terrestrial or distribution applications.


The MX5600 MPEG video, audio and data multiplexer has an open systems concept. It supports industry standard interfaces, scrambling and communications protocols. The modular architecture enables custom configurations and fully scaleable solutions for satellite broadcasters based on evolution 5000 products.


The SM5600 is a compact, satellite modulator. It builds on the DVB-S modulation. The new PREKOR ensures maximum data throughput while maintaining link budgets.

TANDBERG'S SM5600 16QAM modulator

Network Management System

Forming an integral part of an evolution 5000 solution, the network management system configures, coordinates and monitors all the hardware in a multiplex. It runs on a Windows NT platform. The control computer for the evolution 5000 hardware automates the broadcast operation by managing equipment and performing protection switching.

2. Conditional access, scrambling and smart cards

Irdeto's M-Crypt DVB is a compact conditional access system designed specifically for small to medium-sized operators.

The Irdeto M-Crypt range of modules includes:

  • M-Crypt EPG- Electronic Program Guide to insert DVB Service Information that constitute the EPG when processed by the STB;
  • M-Crypt Schedule- to play out EPG data at predetermined times;
  • M-Crypt CodeDownload- to allow STB software upgrade over the air.

The Irdeto M-Crypt DVB supports up to 100,000 subscribers.

3. Set top boxes

Earlybird supports a range of set top boxes including models from Zinwell and Xcom.

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