Discreet ships combustion 3 Desktop compositing software

Discreet's combustion 3 for Microsoft Windows is now shipping.

The latest version of the visual effects and 3D compositing desktop software features an intuitive design environment and new upgrades.

New features include:

  • Editing Operator - Has effects application with integrated editing; uses can performing the types of creative editing tasks directly within the application.
  • Expressions - The JavaScript-based expressions will allow combustion artists to easily create complex animations-eliminating tedious repetitive work.
  • Flash Output – Use the vector paint and animation interface tools in combustion 3 software to create and output Macromedia Flash animations.
  • Flex warper and morpher - With RE:Vision Effects' RE:Flex plug-in, warping is directed through the combustion 3 rotoscoping tools rather than with a grid of tedious mesh points. The result is a seamless and intuitive workflow with no learning curve. It is integrated into combustion 3 at no additional cost.

Other features include: customizable brushes, savable presets, timeline markers, and DV capture and output through OHCI Firewire devices.

For more information visit www.discreet.com/combustion3.

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