Chyron Announces Patents for the Creation and Delivery of Graphics to Mobile Devices, Cell Phones and IPTV

Chyron Corporation, a leading developer of hardware and software products serving the broadcast television graphics and digital information display industries, has announced the approval of one U.S. patent, with two others pending, for technology enabling the integration of live television graphics data with a broad range of interactive media platforms and consumer electronics devices.

Michael Wellesley-Wesley, Chyron President and C.E.O., commented: “The unique technology underpinning this work comes at a particularly interesting time for our global television broadcast customers who are pursuing a strategy of making their original program content available on all manner of mobile devices and over the Internet. In a world of TV here, there and everywhere, the major technical challenge is associated with delivering original content to a myriad of different devices while only creating that content once.”

“In technical terms, this work enables the generation of realtime triggers and metadata from graphics inserted into live programming, such as News, Sports and Gameshows,” Wellesley-Wesley said. These triggers and metadata can then be used across a wide range of media platforms to add interactivity and to dynamically re-version and re-purpose graphics with a workflow that fits seamlessly into existing live television control room environments. This makes Chyron uniquely suited to offer existing broadcast customers a new level of integration between these new media devices and traditional broadcast television production.

“We look forward to announcing further details over the next few weeks and to discussing the implications of this in terms of future product development with our broadcast customers at the National Association of Broadcasters (NAB) annual tradeshow in Las Vegas in mid-April,” added Mr. Wellesley-Wesley.