CFL's Winnipeg Blue Bombers Use DNF Controls Slow-Motion Controller

Canad Inns Stadium, located in Winnipeg, Manitoba, and home to the Canadian Football League's Winnipeg Blue Bombers, is using the ST300-DSR1K-T Slow-Motion Controller for instant replays and slow-motion playback capability, DNF Controls announced. The slow-motion controller, part of a half-million dollar upgrade to the stadium, controls two Sony DSR-DR1000 digital hard-disk recorders used during the production of Blue Bombers' home games.

"We took a very old facility that lacked any type of broadcast-quality wiring and completely rebuilt it. In doing so, we integrated DNF's ST300 controller and Sony's DSR recorders; together they offer the tremendous flexibility and speed necessary for video playback during live events, and they do so without disrupting the recording process," said Terry Belanger of Advance Electronics, the company responsible for designing the new production room. "The Blue Bombers were interested in upgrading their facility to improve the audiovisual system for Blue Bombers fans, as well as for fans attending this year's big Grey Cup game, which is being held at Canad Inns Stadium and is the equivalent to the Super Bowl here in Canada."

In addition to two existing cameras, two new Sony DXC-D50 cameras—each equipped with a 50x lens—cover the action on the turf, recording footage onto two DSR-DR1000 hard-disk recorders. DNF's ST300-DSR1K-T controller allows operators to locate footage, mark cue points, and then replay the video instantly, broadcasting highlights to fans via the stadium's Sony JumboTron. Also included in the Blue Bombers' upgraded production system is a Ross Synergy video production switcher.

"Previously on our tape-based system, if action happened a minute or two back in the game, it took quite a long time to search, locate, and then play the clip," said Erin Madden, VTR operator for the Winnipeg Blue Bombers. "DNF's slow-motion controller now provides us with faster look-up times and an easy-to-use, reliable control board for instant playback on the JumboTron for Bombers fans watching in the stands. An efficient system like this is vital during games since there is just not a lot of time between plays to show highlights and slow-motion replays."

At the recommendation of True North Sports & Entertainment, Advance Electronics selected the ST300-DSR1K systems for Canad Inns Stadium after successfully deploying the product at the nearby MTS Centre for coverage of Manitoba Moose hockey games.

The ST300-DSR1K provides simultaneous record and playback for demanding live sports and entertainment broadcasts and was developed to provide control over the Sony DSR-DR1000 DVCAM stream-based hard-disk recorder. When implemented with Sony recorders, DNF's slow-motion instant-replay system offers a two-line display; a T-bar for fast, simple, and smooth slow-motion instant replay; and single-keystroke cue marking for access of up to 100 cue points per VTR.

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