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Calrec Joins AVnu Alliance

HEBDEN BRIDGE, U.K. —Calrec has joined the AVnu Alliance, an industry consortium dedicated to the development and promotion of a professional-quality streaming standard for networked audio and video content based on the IEEE 802.1 Audio Video Bridging standards. The move is part of an effort to drive the movement toward a common protocol for audio networking,

“The AVB standard addresses Ethernet’s most serious shortcomings as a transport for streaming audio," said Calrec Technical Director Patrick Warrington. “We know a lot about audio networking and have already brought two solutions to the table because we want to ensure that our customers’ needs are well-represented in the new protocol.”

“This underscores the desire for robust, standards-based networked AV transport guaranteed by AVnu-certified AVB devices for the broadcast industry,” said Lee Minich, AVnu Alliance Marketing Work Group chair and president of Lab X Technologies.

The AVnu Alliance is an industry forum dedicated to the advancement of audio and video quality by promoting the adoption of the IEEE 802.1 Audio Video Bridging standards. The Alliance certifies AVB devices for interoperability and provides member companies with certification tools to pre-test AVB-based devices before entering the formal testing procedures. The organization is comprised of over 50 AV, automotive and semiconductor manufacturers.

“Reliable interoperation is crucial for AVB’s success,” Warrington said. “We hope that AVnu accreditation will come to be recognized as a stamp of quality.”