OmniBus Rolls Out 2D/3D Graphics Plug-in

OmniBus Systems said it’s shipping iTX GFX, a real-time 3D graphics plug-in option for the iTX playout and automation system.

iTX GFX allows importation from Photoshop, 3D Studio Max and Maya, and construct graphics templates with the GFX design and edit software. Template scripts can include variables, updatable manually or automatically, and audio files can be associated with the graphics within the template script.

Multiple graphic elements--clocks, tickers and maps--can be animated together within a script. The software’s graphic capabilities can be extended with custom-written shaders and plug-ins. Graphics can be previewed within iTX and either controlled manually during live broadcast, or fully automated within the schedule.

Once added to the iTX playlist, the animation template’s parameters are available externally, allowing the automated updating of graphics using information from voting systems, shopping channel databases, market feeds and other similar data sources.

iTX GFX upgrade is available in three HD/SD variants--one 2D, one 3D and the third one a 3D with DVE effects.

OmniBus Systems is based in Leicestershire, U.K.