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BEL Helps Broadcasters Unload Gear

Not sure what to do with all that cast-aside gear? Tired of paying rent to store equipment that is no longer in use? Broadcast Equipment Liquidators (BEL) works with radio and television stations in clearing out audio and video equipment that has been deemed obsolete. The company is newly launched. Shown in the photo are President Paul Anderson; VP Norm Buford; Radio Guy Dale Tucker; and IT Facilitator Ted Carlson. Tucker is a retired sales executive with Radio World, which is not involved in the business.

BEL matches sellers to buyers in the United States and globally with unused equipment that can be put to use at stations with limited budgets. The seller is compensated once the sale is complete. In some instances BEL will arrange to provide storage if the seller is relocating, updating or needs to reclaim space occupied by equipment that has already been replaced.

Founder and President Paul Anderson says many stations will appreciate the service: “We’ve done our homework and talked with dozens of station managers and chief engineers. They’ve told us BEL is filling a need they’ve had for years.”

For more information, contact Paul Anderson at (916) 966-8300.

(Radio World)