Azteca Uses Vizrt for Graphics, Virtual Reality

MEXICO CITY – Azteca, one of Mexico’s largest broadcasting companies, has expanded its use of 3D graphics and virtual reality set technology with Vizrt’s Viz Virtual Studio at its main production facility in Mexico City following its success for on-air coverage during the 2014 World Cup.

The new five-camera VR studio, equipped with the latest version of Viz Virtual Studio, will produce advanced virtual sets and augmented reality effects for its wide variety of sports and entertainment programs. The studio also comes equipped with Vizrt’s virtual set control software, three fixed VR tripods, a free-roam VR pedestal camera and a VR tracking adapter kit on a Jimmy Jib crane. Each camera feeds tracking data to Viz Virtual Studio tracking server and delivers tracking data to Viz Engines to enable real-time rendering and compositing system.

The studio uses a fully virtual blue-screen cyc wall that’s part of a 360-degree backdrop that is capable of reproducing virtual screens or video walls able to play live footage. Augmented reality elements are being added as well.

Vizrt is working closely with Azteca to provide onsite consulting for set designs, studio measurement and workflows, equipment installation services, coordination of camera tracking and training.