Anystream Buys Cauldron Solutions

Sterling, Va.-based Anystream has acquired Caldron Solutions to expand its business beyond video production. Cauldron Solutions, based in New York, provides software to automatically manage the production, planning and distribution of digital media content across various platforms, and includes Rainbow Media, Cox, Comcast and Cablevision among its customers.

Strategists at Anystream explained the move as a means for its new media publishing solutions provider to venture "beyond video production to reach operations and business management" opportunities. The company said in a statement "the result presents a unique solution to video content providers: the strength of Anystream Agility for multiplatform publishing and the brains of Cauldron's business intelligence platform."

Cauldron Solution's flagship product--the On Demand Workflow Manager--will be reintroduced as "Anystream Velocity." The renamed solution includes custom dashboards, centralized scheduling, management, distribution and reporting capabilities. And Cauldron Solutions' executive team--Steve Salzinger, Russell Zack and Bhavan Shah--will join Anystream Agility management to form Anystream Media. The group will provide "solutions that unite product operations and business management for on demand media," according to the company.