Accom to Showcase APR Clipstore at IBC

Accom is showcasing its new DDR, the APR Clipstore, at IBC. The APR is designed for recording video, film and graphics production and post production, animation, online editing, video compression and more.

Also featured at IBC, the new Quad Twin, which allows up to eight channels of video or four video/key channel pairs. Accom's existing DVS, the Dveous/MX, can be upgraded to Quad Twin.

The Menlo Park, Calif. company will also unveil its new production serve, Abekas 6000, featuring up to eight digital-video channels. Users can mix SD and HD channels with I-Frame compression. The WSDR/Hdi, a DDR featuring a built-in disk storage array and extensive feature set, will also be shown at the European confab.

Accom will be in Booth 3.321 at IBC. For more information, visit