Vendor View, Johan Apel, ChyronHego

Expected tech trends: 4K is sure to be a hot topic at this year’s IBC Show as Ultra HD resolution becomes a future-proof testing ground for many broadcasters, and a reality for a small group of others. ChyronHego is committed to innovating technologies that evolve with the ever-changing broadcast landscape. This year at the IBC Show, ChyronHego will offer visitors a preview of our Paint Sports Telestrator in 4K.

What’s new:Making its IBC debut is Metacast, ChyronHego’s weather graphics solution including everything from data input and editing, to visualization and on-air play out. As a data-centric solution, Metacast is continuously updated with radar, satellite, model forecast, pinpoint city/location forecasts, and up-to-the minute remote weather station data – offering an efficient platform for creating sophisticated local, regional and global weather content for TV, tablet, mobile or web. Also being introduced to the European market is Powerclips, ChyronHego’s multi-channel clip production server – an ideal solution for the playback of segments such as news bumpers, station promos and coming ups. We will also showcase the enhanced TRACAB player tracking system to include ChyronHego’s acclaimed optical-based solution and newly acquired ZXY transponder-based technology.

Favourite bar, pub or restaurant in Amsterdam:Krua Thai is one of my favourite restaurants and is located at Staalstraat 22, 1011 JM Amsterdam. From its welcoming staff, to its A-1 service, menu and presentation, I highly recommend it.

How many IBCs for you, best trade show tip: This year will mark my tenth IBC. Over the years, I have learned to travel with an abundance of business cards (you can never have too many), to ride a bike to the convention centre (great exercise, quick and you fit right in), and to bring a second pair of shoes and change mid-day (your feet will thank you).