Vendor View, Craige Mott, Bluefish444

Expected tech trends:  As we have seen in recent years the trend for 4K/UHD video workflows will be front and centre. Along with those 4K/UHD workflows for both cinema and broadcast television comes the addition of high frame rates, and coping with the large amounts of data which must be both stored and processed. As has been the intent of Bluefish444 with our 12bit SDI hardware, many are looking at HDR workflows to improve the pixel quality; not just the density. We see this as an important part of the puzzle.

New at IBC: Bluefish444 will be showing new hardware at IBC with the availability of the Epoch | Neutron and Epoch 4K |Neutron. Both cards are an all new form factor for Bluefish444 customers and allow our cards to be installed into low profile servers, small form factor (SFF) workstations, and low profile expansion chassis; in addition to the traditional full height workstation. Both are extremely capable devices. The Epoch 4K | Neutron will support

4K/UHD workflows through existing 1.5G and 3G SDI infrastructure and also brings with it cost effective HDMI monitoring.

Initial thoughts on 4K/8K: Bluefish444 already have a long list of customers that have successfully implemented 4K/UHD workflows in the market today. Other customers have been running R&D for some time now, and we expect that they will start to implement products into the market soon. 8K, while it is technically possible, is an even greater task with data rates becoming out of reach for most customers and real world applications.

Favourite bar, pub or restaurant in Amsterdam: I have always been fond of the blues bar "Bourbon Street" that we have been known to visit when the trade show is over. It is a great place to blow off a little steam after the IBC exhibition is done and dusted.

How many IBCs to date; any IBC trade show tips: Make it count. Meet the people that you need to meet. Most importantly, bring our customer base what they asked us for in previous years.