Wohler to feature new products at NAB2008

Hayward, CA-based Wohler Technologies will display several new products at NAB2008. The Wohler booth number has changed; the company will be located at booth N1317 in the Las Vegas Convention Center.

The Wohler Plus line of audio processing and monitoring products are tailored to the needs of digital broadcasting, whether for terrestrial, video over IP, cable or satellite. The modular system can be configured for the specific functions, with flexible inputs (16 channels or eight AES pairs) and outputs, alarms, monitoring and metering, along with multichannel synchronizing and shuffling of channels for 5.1 or 7.1 signal confidence. Optional inputs include AES and multirate serial digital embedded audio with Dolby encoding. The 2RU Wohler Plus features a high-resolution TFT screen and onboard menu system for control as well as Ethernet, RS-232 and GPIO interfaces.

The Wohler modular openGear line uses a standard card and choice of IP core applications including an HD format dual-channel logo keyer and an HDVANC data inserter/extractor, as well as the already famous HDCC-200A HD/SD-SDI dual-channel closed-captioning encoder/decoder bridge to simplify closed-captioning encoding of two independent SD and/or HD sources in any international standard. This makes it easy for broadcasters to incorporate high-quality signal processing functionality into their workflows and simplify SD and HD broadcast operations. Also available is a software development kit to make custom applications.

The new Touch-it Digital offers multichannel video monitoring functionality in an affordable design. The 3RU system features dual 7in high-resolution color LCD displays. The left monitor is a touch screen that displays from four to 16 thumbnail images. When one of these images is touched, that video source appears on the right monitor at full size and its HD/SD-SDI source signal is sent to an unbalanced output and to a VGA output for monitoring on an external display. The Touch-it Digital accepts and switches eight standard SD-SDI video inputs, passing along any embedded audio. When combined with a Wohler E-Frame, closed-captioning and logo keyer E-Cards, the Touch-it Digital serves as a cost-effective master control system.

Touch-it Hear-it, the latest product from the Touch-it line, is a touch-screen multiview system in which the left 7in touch screen provides 12-channel multiview capability for composite analog video, with the selected video feed routed to an external system. The 7in LCD display on the unit’s right side, also a touch screen, allows operators to interface visually with an IP-based intercom system, allowing the user instant communication to any other Touch-it Hear-it user in the world. The touch-screen interface provides simple operation and minimal distraction, ideal for security and emergency environments. The system will be available either with an integrated microphone or a headset jack.

For more information, visit www.wohler.com.