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Wireworks sheds light on connection plates with LumaVue

Designed for use in low-light applications, Wireworks’ high-impact LumaVue custom panels and plates can be rear illuminated for instant identification. The panels can also shed light backstage during live performances, on the road and several other locations where there is limited visibility.

Providing maximum electrical isolation between connectors, LumaVue panels and plates are available in a variety of sizes and shapes, including standard gang plates, wall plates and rack panels as well as customized sizes and shapes.

Wireworks’ rear-illuminated custom panel products allow engraved text and logo/graphics to glow clearly for instant identification. By lighting from behind, the engraving glows with a gentle, easy-to-read appearance without harshness in darker areas.

With a smooth, easy to clean flat front, panels are rear engraved so markings cannot be marred, worn or destroyed. LumaVue’s rear laser engraving allows for virtually any wording, numbering, identification, diagrams, symbols, graphics and corporate logos to be permanently imprinted.

Available in a non-glare matte or high-gloss surface finish, LumaVue is manufactured in 1/8in or 1/4in thickness to meet any design requirement. LumaVue is available in 10 high impact colors including red, burgundy, blue, navy, almond, white, grey, black, gold and silver.

The LumaVue non-conductive panel material provides total electrical isolation that cannot rust or tarnish. UV stabilized for outdoor use, LumaVue features non-metallic cell cast acrylic, which provides maximum durability. LumaVue panels can also be used as informational on-set signs.