TV One releases new audio format converters

In order fully use the audio on the HD-44 connections of its C2-7310 dual-channel HD video and audio processor, TV One has produced two new audio products. The A2-7312 is an AES3id audio breakout unit, while the A2-7302 is an AES-to-AES3id audio format converter. Both can be used in conjunction with its C2-7310 or can be used with each other to provide high-quality AES and AES3id audio conversion.

The A2-7312 connects to the C2-7310 using an HD-44 interconnect cable and provides access for eight inputs and eight outputs of AES3id audio and also a DARS reference input all via BNC connectors. These BNC connectors are mounted on a 1RU panel for easy installation into a standard 19in rack or can be removed from this panel if required.

For simple AES-to-AES3id audio conversion, the 7312 and 7302 units can simply be connected to each other using the HD-44 interface. These combined units can convert eight channels of AES audio to AES3id and eight channels of AES3id audio to AES. Both the A2-7312 audio breakout unit and the A2-7302 audio format converter are now available.

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