Telestream Vantage Supports Comprimato Codec

NEVADA CITY, CALIF.—Telestream and Comprimato have announced a deal that now makes Comprimato’s JPEG2000 software codec available as a component option for Telestream’s Vantage systems operating on Lightspeed server hardware. The Comprimato system is designed to accelerate the decoding and encoding of JPEG2000-based video, utilizing the Graphics Processing Unit power of Telestream’s Lightspeed servers, according to the digital media tools provider.

This new integration allows a Vantage system with a Comprimato option to reduce workflow processing by as much as 20 percent when decoding JPEG2000 contained in IMF, AS02 or MXF OP1a media files, says Telestream. When encoding into IMF, ASO2 or MXF OP1a files, Comprimato can reportedly reduce workflow processing time up to 12x.

Comprimato is a JPEG2000 UHD software codec tool kit provider based in Brno, Czech Republic.