Telecast Releases Video Link and Cine Fiber Optic Systems

Telecast Fiber Systems Inc. is releasing two new products at IBC 2002: the TR5221 POV single-fiber bidirectional video and data link and the cine version of the Digital CopperHead portable fiber optic system.

The TR5221 is available as a rackmounted or "throw-down" module that transports broadcast-quality video from a remote POV camera, return video/genlock back to the camera, tally/closure signals and two full duplex control data signals for camera and PTZ platforms. Signals are digitally and optically multiplexed for bidirectional transmission on one optical fiber conductor.

The Digital CopperHead camera-mounted ENG/DSNG link delivers digital video (601 SDI or uncompressed HDTV) and analog video, along with audio, intercom, data and control signals, on one cable. The Cine CopperHead is the "Cine" version, and was developed for digital cinema use. It features four extra audio signals to the camera. The extra audio paths allow the recording of additional tracks at the camera deck, saving time and expense in redubbing audio after filming.