Tektronix Offers New IP/GigE Monitoring Option

Tektronix Inc. is now offering an IP/GigE monitoring option for the company's MTM400 MPEG transport stream monitor. The new option will allow network engineers to quickly identify degradation problems in transport streams and help correct problems.

The IP/GigE option provides real-time monitoring for signals carried over IP trunking, and allows users to quickly relate the source of MPEG errors to IP traffic.

"Our customers are focused on improving the quality of service that they deliver to their customers and this addition to the MTM400 family helps give them a more complete picture of their entire broadcast and distribution network," said Todd Biddle, Tektronix Video Product Line vice president. "The MTM400 with the IP/GigE Option gives our customers the ability to monitor, isolate and troubleshoot a variety of complex and potentially costly network problems."

The MTM400 remotely monitors video quality over IP networks by measuring total traffic bit rate, corrupted packets, dropped packets, out of order packets, packet inter arrival timing and instantaneous transport stream rate.