Steinberg debuts WaveLab 7 for Mac OS X, Windows

Steinberg has updated its audio editing and mastering suite. WaveLab 7 represents a new benchmark for audio editing and mastering for Macs while adding new capabilities to its previous Windows incarnation. A new GUI concept allows fast and fluid handling of audio material across multiple windows, montages and podcasts with an intelligent docking and scaling system. New VST3 plug-ins and restoration tools and a new CD and DVD-A burning engine are also included. WaveLab 7 will be available in the second half of 2010.

“This is a landmark release for WaveLab and for the Mac audio community,” said Timo Wildenhain, WaveLab marketing manager for Steinberg. “WaveLab 7 means that Steinberg now offers an end-to-end production solution on Mac OS X that offers industry-standard tools all the way from music creation, production and mixing right through to the final master. WaveLab 7 has been completely reengineered from the ground up to offer complete compatibility for Windows and OS X, extending Steinberg’s commitment to crossplatform support to the audio editing and mastering arenas.”

The new WaveLab 7 user interface handles audio material faster and more intuitively, speeding up workflows in audio editing and mastering with a fluid, intelligent and fully customizable window and toolbar management system. The restoration tool package is provided by plug-in manufacturer Sonnox, with specialized DeNoiser, DeBuzzer and DeClicker plug-ins. A range of additional VST3 plug-ins includes tools previously available in Steinberg’s music and audio production applications, including the Nuendo Post Filter plug-in, and a completely new CD and DVD-A burning engine rounds out the functional additions.