Scalar i6000 Upgrades Boost Enterprise Archive Environments

SAN JOSE, CALIF. – Quantum Corp. has announced new upgrades to the Scalar i6000 tape library, including doubling drive density, adding RESTful web services and offering 80 PLUS certified power supplies.

The new Scalar i6000 design doubles the number of LTO drives in a 19-inch rack footprint, allowing for twice the performance or data access within the same footprint. With the library’s high density expansion modules this creates high LTO storage density. Users can also configure the Scalar i6000 to maximize the number of drives.

With the addition of RESTful web services, Scalar i6000 users can automate configuration and administrative tasks. The Scalar’s web services can do the same tasks as the graphical user interface. The user interface has also been simplified with a streamlined layout to reduce clicks and display information more efficiently. In addition, the 80 PLUS certified power supplies offer energy-efficient usage and reinforces tape position.

The Scalar i6000 is able to be used for media and entertainment, video surveillance, data center archive, and high performance computing.