Samsung introduces 20in LED BLU monitor

The new SyncMaster XL20 is designed for color critical applications, video and photography editors and graphic designers.
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Samsung Electronics has introduced the SyncMaster XL20, a 20in LED back light unit (BLU) monitor that features up to 114 percent of the National Television System Committee (NTSC) color gamut.

Designed for color critical applications, desktop publishers, video and photography editors and graphic designers, the XL20 supports users that demand extremely accurate color temperature, linearly color tracking, brightness uniformity and color reproduction.

Traditional LCD screens typically cover only 82 percent of the NTSC standard color gamut (CRT covers 76 percent). The XL20 uses a light emitting diode back light unit (LED BLU), increasing the color gamut up to 114 percent of the NTSC color gamut.

The LED BLU increases the ability to create significantly enhanced images, producing a more natural range of color and covering the full Adobe RGB natural color space/gamut. The LED backlight also lacks mercury or halogen.

The XL20 has a Color Management System that includes color calibration, which enables more accurate quality control, and Image Viewer, an intuitive tool that corrects color differences between monitors and printers. The XL20 is also equipped with Natural Color Expert software, which allows users to calibrate the monitor’s color profile to fit their specific color requirements.

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