Quantum Now Shipping StorNext 6

SAN JOSE, CALIF.—After its unveiling at the 2017 NAB Show, Quantum has officially made the StorNext 6 available for shipping. The latest release of the company’s StorNext workflow storage platform, the StorNext 6 ships with Quantum’s Xcellis shared storage systems adding advanced data management for 4K performance.

With this new StorNext model, Quantum has provided scalable storage to deliver high performance for 4K workflows. A new quality of service feature also allows users to tune and optimize performance across workstations; allocate specific bandwidth to individual workstations; and set parameters on bandwidth consumption. Another addition is the FlexSpace feature, which enables multiple instances of StorNext located anywhere to share a single storage repository; offers shared repositories for public and private cloud storage using the S3 protocol; and provides facilities for protected off-site content storage. There is also the FlexSync capability that provides a way to synchronize content between multiple StorNext instances. Other new features include copy expiration, selectable retrieve, content auditing and tracking, and focused Mac Finder results for improving file management.

With its integration to the Xcellis, StorNext 6’s features can support multi-tier storage systems encompassing flash, spinning disk, object storage, tape and the cloud.

The StorNext 6 is shipping with all newly purchased Xcellis offerings and is available at no additional cost to current Xcellis users running StorNext 5 under existing support contracts.