Production switchers, video effects, keyers


Crystal Vision Safe Switch 3G

Provides clean, intelligent 2 × 2 switching between two 3Gb/s, HD or SD sources with a frame store synchronizer on each input, which can correct for any timing differences between the two; can be switched manually or automatically; synchronizer in each input stream ensures that both inputs to the switch are correctly timed to the external analog reference to avoid disruption during a switch; features 20 video and audio parameters that can be selected to perform a switch, as well as four combined condition parameters that only trigger a switch if all the conditions are met simultaneously; two fault indications can be set and assigned to GPIs to allow for flexible monitoring.
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Booth: N1520


Broadcast Pix Granite 2000

Features a new, wide 1-M/E control panel that provides access to all video and file-based content; can enable a single operator or small team to create highly compelling live video; expands the number of input buttons from nine to 16 (32 with shift); doubles the number of keyer buttons from three to six and increases auxiliary output buttons from two to 10; adds key priority controls and mnemonics to display auxiliary output assignments; provides more device controls for faster access to file stores for clips, animations and graphics, as well as controls for external devices.
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Eyeheight complianceSuiteMC

Suite of plug-ins for Avid Media Composer provide advanced video legalization and graphics compliance tools; legalEyesMC provides composite, RGB and composite + RGB legalization with support for NTSC (7.5 or 0 IRE setup) and PAL composite color spaces; clobbering overshoot suppression technology proactively reduces technical rejections; safeEyesMC provides comprehensive graticule support, including the latest SMPTE, ARIB, EBU and ITU-R requirements.
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NewTek TCXD850 CS

Hardware control surface for the TriCaster TCXD850 HD portable live production system; provides illuminated push buttons, twist knobs, a premium T-bar and three-axis joystick to control all of the functions and effects; creates complex switcher effects and assigns them as switcher channels, including live virtual sets and picture-in-picture elements.
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Ross Video CrossOver Solo

Features include 12 HD/SD inputs, internal multiviewer, two channels of 2D DVE, synchronization and up/downconversion, and four internal channels of media store for instant stills, keys and media wipes; has the same features and specifications of the CrossOver 12; however, the main electronics and signal I/O are combined with the panel as a single unit, reducing cost and size.
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Grass Valley Kayenne

Increases the on-board video clip storage capacity and adds the ability to create sophisticated, multilayered on-screen effects; version 2.0 software introduces a ClipStore option; Key Chaining simplifies 3-D management by automatically bringing up two keyers for left eye/right eye with separate convergence adjustment; enhanced E-MEM allows the transfer of timeline effects between registers and between M/E channels.
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