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PrimeTime Flips Switch on LED Fixtures

DALLAS—The spotlight is on PrimeTime Lighting System’s new line of LED lighting instruments for broadcast studios. The company recently unveiled three new lighting systems, the GUS 51 LED Fresnel, 1SLED XB2 and the MSLED XB2.

The GUS 51 features a micro-Fresnel lens system with advanced optics result. It also requires no fan due to PrimeTime’s engineering technology, and 100 percent aluminum construction.


As part of an upgrade to its SLED series of equipment, PrimeTime’s new 1SLED XB2 has a 95+ CRI and is 44 percent brighter to its original version, according to the company. PrimeTime based the 1SLED off of its 1SL fluorescent fixture.

The MSLED was also part of the SLED series upgrades and features 95+ CRI as well. It is based on the MSL fluorescent.

PrimeTime Lighting Systems is a manufacturer of broadcast lighting systems, video conferencing light fixtures, and LED and fluorescent studio lighting.