Pixelmetrix rolls out IP110

Pixelmetrix is launching its new IP110 this week in Atlanta at TelcoTV 2007.

The IP110 adds a comprehensive solution suite for detailed MPEG-over-IP analysis to the company’s DVStation-210 and DVStation-Remote product family.

The IP110 solution supports End-point, Tap mode and IP forwarding. IP forwarding allows the channeling of the selected transport stream to any remote location over the IP network for confidence monitoring.

The Tap mode and End-point modes provide users the flexibility to place the monitoring station between two locations, to sniff and pass through complete traffic to the destination or place it at the end of a point-to-point link. The interface also supports a full implementation of the IGMPv3 protocol to Join/Leave multicast IP traffic along with source address specification.

For more information, visit: www.pixelmetrix.com.