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Photoflex Releases HalfDome2 Softbox

Photoflex has introduced the HalfDome2, a softbox that provides fill, hair or main light and can be used in traditional and digital photography, video and film.

The HalfDome2 is part of a new generation of the StripDome line of softboxes. It has a long, narrow shape and a wide rear profile that allows fitting with Photoflex's OctoConnector line of softbox adapters for photography and Connector FV adapters for film and video.

It provides a focused highlight for use as a hair light for multiple subjects, and a fill light with no over-spill onto the background. The internal baffle eliminates hotspots to create even lighting. The baffle and front diffusion face can be removed, allowing a change from soft diffusion to sharp contrast without adjusting the setup. Duracloth fabric's thick exterior ensures no loss of light or energy. The interior comes in soft white or silver; soft white is suitable for traditional and digital photography uses; silver is designed for film and video applications.