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Orad, Vertigo Team up For 3D Graphics

Orad Hi-Tec Systems and VertigoXmedia have jointly developed a template-based automation system for weather, sports and news graphics. The system combines an Orad DVG graphics computer with Vertigo's ProducerXmedia automation platform to create a turnkey 3D graphics and on-air branding solution.

With the combined system, 2D and 3D templates are used to address weather, sports and news graphic requirements. On-air graphics can be linked to lived data sources, such as stock ticker and sports scores, using a drag-and-drop interface that lets non-technical users quickly build professional-looking graphics.

The combined solution is targeted at centralcasting applications, where there is a need to create a unified look that is then spread throughout the system. Working with existing 2D graphics products from Chyron or Pinnacle, the Orad/Vertigo system integrates these 2D systems into a more powerful 3D framework.