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On2 Technologies, RipCode deliver two-pass appliance-based encoding

RipCode announced recently that it has integrated the On2 VP6 codec, which is used in Adobe Flash Player 8 and 9 to create a hardware-accelerated two-pass encoding appliance for On2 Technologies’ VP6.

On2 VP6-based Flash video is among the most widely used formats for Internet video. With this integration, On2 VP6-based services will be able to deliver dynamic transcoding for video on demand, enabling broadcasters, syndicators or user-generated video sites to eliminate storage of multiple file formats and to deliver files from their entire video library for any application.

The two-pass, 1RU RipCode appliance replaces between 10 and 20 general-purpose servers. In addition to delivering higher encoding capacity than legacy software solutions, RipCode’s On Demand Transcoding allows simultaneous creation of content for delivery across multiple service platforms, such as mobile, broadcast and Internet, and different device platforms such as PCs, mobile phones and portable devices.

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