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OmniBus Announces iTX Enhancements

OmniBus Systems recently announced that their iTX IT-based content playout system has been integrated with Front Porch Digital’s DIVArchive storage management system, with full support of DIVArchive’s feature set.

"We're excited that OmniBus has elected to integrate support of DIVArchive into its iTX product," said Dave Polyard, senior vice president of strategic sales at Front Porch. "DIVArchive is an essential part of any digital workflow, whether it's in a traditional facility, in one using a state-of-the-art system such as iTX or where both are combined. We have many installations with OmniBus playout systems around the world, and this decision on the part of OmniBus to extend the technical integration with DIVArchive to iTX only strengthens a great relationship."

The integration of the two systems allows users to archive clips to DIVArchive storage and to perform partial and full restoration of clips from archival storage to the iTX for playout to air. And the new iTX support provides broadcasters with a means for sharing DIVArchive content across newly added iTX channels.