NVIDIA’s AI-Based Video Compression Reduces Bandwidth to One-Tenth of H.264

(Image credit: NVIDIA)

SANTA CLARA, Calif.—NVIDIA has launched a new AI-based video compression technology that it says when run on NVIDIA GPUs can reduce video bandwidth consumption down to one-tenth of the requirements of the H.264 streaming video compression standard.

The company is deploying the tech in its new NVIDIA Maxine platform, which provides developers with a cloud-based suite of GPU-accelerated AI video conferencing software to enhance streaming video.

NVIDIA said the platform “dramatically reduces how much bandwidth is required for video calls. Instead of streaming the entire screen of pixels, the AI software analyzes the key facial points of each person on a call and then intelligently re-animates the face in the video on the other side. This makes it possible to stream video with far less data flowing back and forth across the internet.”

“As a result, much less data is sent over the network. Slow internet connection and limited bandwidth will not impact the quality of video meetings anymore,” the company added.

Jenny Priestley

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