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Ingest software supports archiving P2 files to LTO, Blu-ray or other storage devices; features proxy creation, as well as metadata preview and editing; with LTO storage, operator can play back P2 content on the LTO directly and quickly retrieve partial images; transfer speed is up to six times faster than AVC-Intra 100 normal speed when using LTO5.

Radial Engineering

Speaker-to-headphone converter allows two sets of headphones to be driven directly from a speaker connection or amplifier output; equipped with two Neutrik Speakon fittings; speaker signal is converted to a safe mono-adjustable output for headphones; multiple H-Amps can be used in series by adding more Speakon NC4 cables.


Pan-and-tilt head has a maximum payload of 38kg for portable cameras with viewfinders and prompters; robust structure and wide range of balance supports a versatile variety of camera configurations; mount can be either flat base or 150mm ball.

Interplay Central

Web-based/mobile workflow tool enables individuals in different media production functions to access the tools they need to complete tasks with greater visibility to assets, team collaboration and workflow agility; available to users through a lightweight, intuitive Web-based portal and a mobile app; users access a self-contained, individualized view designed for tasks associated with different parts of the media production process; users can browse, create and edit content directly from anywhere — even when they are offline or out of network range — and changes will be reflected in projects as soon as they have regained network connectivity.

Linear Acoustic

Audio loudness manager combines sophisticated audio analysis and metadata control; can process audio in a reversible manner, permanently for noncritical material or anywhere in between; features smooth and consistent operation; users can choose to hear the full range of the original content; available in versions to handle baseband AES/SDI audio, DVB-ASI and transport stream over IP.

Optical Cable
Secure LC

Fiber-optic connector provides an extra layer of security to network ports through a lock-and-key style solution; uses a special extraction tool to help prevent unauthorized release of the connector from the network panel; includes secure LC patch cables available in eight color options, extraction tools and port plugs; installs easily in any industry-standard LC fiber adapter; patch cables are available in a variety of configurations, including multimode and single-mode options.

Small Tree

Converged network adapter allows AoE, iSCSI and Fibre Channel storage users the ability to run on Macs; supports both network and storage traffic on a single I/O adapter; enables these functions by combining the new 10GigE with the ability of Fiber Channel over Ethernet (FCoE); reduces the need for separate data and storage networks; compatible with switches in place from Brocade and Cisco.

Sonnet Fusion

Eight-drive RAID 5 desktop storage system features Thunderbolt technology; includes a high-performance internal RAID controller that supports RAID 0, 1, 5 and JBOD; drive configuration is managed through a simple-to-use application; available in 8TB, 12TB, 16TB or 24TB configurations; suited for HD video editing; achieves data transfers up to 800MB/s read and 730MB/s write — fast enough to handle a single stream of uncompressed 10-bit 1080 4:4:4 HD, or multiple streams of ProRes 422, uncompressed 8-bit 1080 HD, DV, HDV and DVCPRO video.


A multiformat, native 3G production switcher at a more cost-effective price; easily configured from 1M/E to 6M/Es, with Multi Program 2 (split M/E) capability; scales up to eight keyers per M/E each with a 2.5D resizer; up to four channels of internal MVE-9000-level effects; can be configured with up to 80 inputs and 48 inputs in a compact 8RU frame.

Virtual Window

3-D broadcast solution adds depth extension to studio to create a real-world user experience by changing object perspective as the camera moves between different positions; features immersive graphics that add another layer of depth to 3-D environment; provides viewers with the opportunity to directly influence the live presentation through companion apps for iOS and HTML5 on iPads and tablet computers.

Sound Devices

Portable audio mixer serves as a flexible, class-compliant USB audio interface; features two studio-grade mic/line-switchable inputs with limiters, high-pass filters and selectable phantom power; offers analog output options, including mic/line-switchable balanced XLR, dedicated consumer mic level on a locking TA3 connector and an aux-level output on 3.5mm connection; digital outputs include balanced AES3 on XLR and USB audio connectivity for Mac, Windows or Linux; complements larger mixers with its MS stereo matrix, tone oscillator, internal slate microphones, return monitoring of both analog and USB audio, high-gain headphone output, and two AA battery or external 5-18VDC powering.


3-D video monitoring capabilities are now available as standard with all new waveform monitors and waveform rasterizers; these new capabilities also are available on the WFM8200 waveform monitor and WVR8200 waveform rasterizer with the purchase of the Option 3D; existing instruments, as well as WFM8200 and WVR8200 instruments with Option 3D, can also be upgraded with the new features free of charge through the new firmware upgrade available on the company's website.

Crystal Vision

Bidirectional digital aspect ratio converter offers features designed for easy automation of the aspect ratio conversion, including full AFD support and the ability to change the aspect ratio live on-air without picture disruption; provides presets for the six commonly used aspect ratio conversions between 4:3 and 16:9; three of these conversions allow 16:9 sources to be shown on a 4:3 monitor with the geometry preserved, while the other three allow similar easy conversion of 4:3 to 16:9.


Telephoto cine zoom lens addresses the emerging 4K production standards; PL-mount lens incorporates Canon optical designs that simultaneously optimize and enhance multiple imaging attributes while minimizing optical aberrations and distortions; engineered to meet the most demanding overall imaging requirements of the latest large-format single-sensor digital cinematography cameras; has a common 136mm front diameter for use with industry-standard optical accessories.

SDI-to-fiber extension set

Set includes an SDI-to-fiber transmitter and receiver for transmitting multirate SDI up to 30km over fiber using a single-mode or multimode fiber-optic cable with ST connectors; supports all SDI formats up to 3G, including SMPTE-424M (3G-SDI), SMPTE-292M (HD-SDI) and SMPTE-259M (SD-SDI) protocols; to prevent signal loss, input signals are equalized and outputs reclocked to 120m for 3G-SDI and 140m for HD-SDI.

Grass Valley

Tightly integrated modular software platform supports every part of the content creation and distribution lifecycle through a common graphical user interface; its scalable service-oriented architecture helps program producers and providers streamline their workflows; allows producers and managers to make specific tasks fast and easy to perform by virtually any preauthorized member of their staff; is designed to ingest, manage, edit and play out assets stored on the K2 Summit or K2 Solo servers or a K2 storage area network.

MATRIX Cheese Plate

Mounting plate can be used with the company's Gold Mount solutions for the Sony PMW-F3 camera, Canon EOS 5D Mark II, EOS 7D and EOS 60D DSLR cameras, and Panasonic AG-AF100 series professional HD camera; provides a secure snap-on approach to keep the battery in place from any position; features three solid mechanical connections that lock into place and self-cleaning, gold-plated pins rated for high current.

Cobalt Digital

Embedded loudness processor is designed to provide an unmatched ease-of-use and integration for embedded audio environments requiring loudness processing; features Linear Acoustic's AEROMAX technology; 9086-SD offers stereo loudness processing for embedded audio on SD-SDI.


H2 Hi-Output

LED fixture is capable of throwing illumination over a 20ft to 25ft (6.1m to 7.6m) distance, providing HD-friendly light; is 5600°K color balanced, using an array of 72 1W daylight LEDs that are focused to a 10° angle; provides light equivalent to a 1000W legacy lighting fixture, using just 10 percent of the energy; generates no noticeable heat; provides dimming from 100 percent to zero with no noticeable color change.